The Project - Our Approach

The West Midlands is the 2nd most diverse region in Europe

With over 100 languages spoken daily within its borders, the West Midlands is the most diverse region in the UK outside of London – and the 2nd most diverse region in Europe –and this diversity brings with it an untapped resource of skills and ideas

Most critically to our vision, refugees and migrants have been involved at every step of project development, and by taking this bottom-up approach we have been able to build a programme of activities which considers what each city must do in order to achieve MiFriendly status.

We believe in a two-way integration process, which is multi-faceted, multi-layered and which takes into account the whole community. From the grassroots upwards, we hope to see citizens across the community working with local businesses, government, and voluntary organisations to build a Migration Friendly region together.

While some activities will be tailored to specific groups, our overall programme will involve a broad range of residents in the region, including a wide range of people who define themselves as ‘migrant’.

A MiFriendly City should be underpinned by the voices, skills and passion of refugees and migrants, so that all branches of the community are fully invested in its future, and the social and economic fabric of the region is strengthened.

Our 3-year project will be shaped and developed as it progresses by the communities involved, and we hope that this will create a culture of inclusion and friendliness, with the West Midlands becoming a region in which all of its citizens feel a true sense of belonging

In a MiFriendly City, everyone is encouraged to become an active citizen, training and employment opportunities are created, and the contributions of refugees and migrants are supported, enhanced and recognised.

The foundations of the project will focus on jobs, skills, citizenship, start-ups, and long-term community investment. We hope that by working in these areas we can empower our communities to come together and drive change at both city and regional levels.


Create a region built upon a spirit 
of solidarity. 


Empower citizens to take the lead in unlocking their city’s assets. 


Inspire people across the West Midlands – migrant or not – to want to live and belong in a MiFriendly City. 

European Union & Urban Innovative Actions

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.