Social Innovation Reports

Innovation Reports

We’ve put together a number ‘impact reports’ that highlight and explain both the reach and the resilience of 11 social innovation projects, spearheaded by Migrants, Refugees & Asylum Seekers.

Every project has been made possible through funding granted by MiFriendly Cities.

Migrants at Work

New arrivals are often unaware of their rights when arriving in a new country or unaware of how to access it, largely because of language barriers. The MaW project was created through a desire to right this wrong and as such it is designed to protect and advocate for the rights of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers as well as prevent any abuse of their rights within the work place.



CARAG is a community group of Migrants, Refugees & Asylum Seekers from Africa, Asia, the Middle East & South America, who campaign for the right to work as well as better treatment for all Asylum Seekers.



Read about how Mary Thomas and her community group 'Pandenere Community Sewing Group' are tackling social isolation through creativity.


It's Our Right

'It's Our Right' focuses on empowering Refugees by teaching them how to access their rights and what their rights are through the use of imagery, illustration and simple text.



Always a musically creative and talented woman, Mamajay Juilet's 'Pamoja Music UK' project has enabled Migrants and Refugees to not only find more musical opportunities, but also share and express their love for music in more mainstream settings.



'Get out from your Box!' is a project that has been designed to provide support to the African French speaking community. It helps to break down cultural and language barriers; provide full integration into the community and help the African French speaking community realise their true potential.


Create & Talk

Using art as a creative weapon, 'Create & Talk' brings together women of all backgrounds to learn and make connections through open dialogue and shared creative experiences.


Game of Homes

With empty houses and flats becoming increasingly common and homeless on the rise, the 'Game of Homes' project was born out of a desire to increase the knowledge and access to housing for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It was designed to empower them to make informed decisions so they can successfully maintain and increase their housing options.



Set up in 2019 by Biniam Haddish and Arseima Kidane, the main objective of the 'Professional Immigrants Transition Platform' (PITP) is to inspire people with refugee backgrounds to join the skilled force and higher education communities.


Families in Conversation

Mental Health is often treated as a taboo subject and can have serious consequences for a persons well-being. To combat this 'Families in Conversation' was set up to allow parents to engage in meaningful conversation around their own well-being so that they are able to develop skills to better support their children's well-being.


Emerald Book Club

Inspired by writer and radio host, Joshua Mukiibi, Emerald Book Club was created with a mission to inspire and develop readers, writers and authors both nationally and internationally.

European Union & Urban Innovative Actions

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.