*Project Update*

The MiFriendly Cities project has completed all its programmes and activities, and formally closed as an active project at the end of May 2021.

This website will remain ‘live’ to ensure visitors have access to our RESOURCES page for project information and publications, or to find links to our project partners that continue to run similar courses and activities.

MiFriendly Cities MiFriendly Cities

Creating innovative MigrationFriendly
cities in the West Midlands.

MiFriendly Cities

Our Journey

In October 2017 the EU’s Urban Innovative Actions fund awarded more than £4m to Coventry, Birmingham and Wolverhampton for the MiFriendly Cities project, a 3-year initiative that developed innovative, community-led and sustainable approaches to enhancing the contribution of refugees and migrants across the region. Our exciting programme was designed to create opportunities for migrants and bring communities together, building cohesion across Coventry, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

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MiFriendly Cities

Our Approach

Migrants and refugees helped develop this initiative and establish what makes a city ‘Migration Friendly’. With this grassroots approach we encouraged citizens across the community to work with local businesses, government, and voluntary organisations to build a MiFriendly region together. The project was shaped by the community throughout its 3-year duration, encouraging a spirit of solidarity, helping the West Midlands become a place in which everyone feels a true sense of belonging.

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MiFriendly Cities

Our Partnership

The project was delivered by an innovative partnership of 11 organisations. These included the three city councils from Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry, a multinational company, a university, a law centre, a consultancy and three migrant-run charities. All worked together to achieve one common goal, and to push the boundaries of what had been previously attempted in the EU.

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“In a MiFriendly City everyone is encouraged to become an active citizen, training and employment opportunities are created, and the contribution of refugees and migrants is supported, enhanced and recognised.”

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MiFriendly Cities has completed all of its programmes & activities and formally ended in May 2021. However, you can still learn about our innovative programme of activities and access our resources page for project info and publications.

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The MiFriendly Statistics


Employers reached by the MiFriendly Employment Brokers

We’re aiming to reach 2000 in 3 years, creating links between employers and our migrant communities and highlighting the skills available.


Refugees and migrants trained in digital fabrication

Digital fabrication is a key skills need for the region, and we’re planning on training 250 future migrants in this exciting new skill.


Migrant entrepreneurs granted funding start-up social enterprises

We're supporting 16 refugee and migrant entrepreneurs to set up new businesses which have a social mission. Successful ideas get up to €5000 and mentoring to start up. So far 6 have gone on to register as businesses.

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European Union & Urban Innovative Actions

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.