Symbols of Home

15th-21st June 2020

Symbols of Home

Home should be a sanctuary and a safe, supportive place. It’s what MiFriendly Cities is helping to create in the West Midlands. But right now, during COVID-19, it might also be a place of solitude, or even sadness. For many refugees, forced to leave their home and make a new one, these feelings are not uncommon.

To mark Refugee Week, we are sharing images and ideas that symbolise home. For example, this may be an object, photograph or meal that reminds you of home!

The MiFriendly Cities Team invite you and your friends to join in, on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Post a picture of something that reminds you of home and explain why! Make sure to use #MiFriendly and #SYMBOLSOFHOME so that we can share your submissions!

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