Book a Legal Health Check

We are still offering free legal advice - please contact for more info

Book a Legal Health Check

How is your knowledge of everyday law? Do you understand your own situation in areas such as: 

  • Immigration: Am I lawfully here? What are the conditions of my stay? Can I bring family members here? What do I have to do next? Can I be British? How about my kids?
  • Welfare Benefits: Am I entitled to benefits? What if someone in my family is sick or disabled? Can I work and get benefits?
  • Employment: Can my employer really do that? Is that discrimination? I’ve lost my job what now? I’m pregnant or disabled and my employer is not doing the right thing.
  • Housing: My landlord won’t fix the boiler. The house is damp. My neighbour is abusive to me. I’m being threatened with eviction. My housing benefit has stopped.
  • Debt: I can’t pay all my bills. I have too many credit cards. I can’t pay the rent. I’m worried about my spending.
  • Special needs: I have a child with special needs, how do I get them into the right school? How do I get an Education Health and Care plan? How do I get adaptations to the house?

We can offer a Legal health check’ for you and the others who live in your household and tell you what you can do about your situation and who can help you. Legal casework will be offered if necessary.

Bal is the project’s legal adviser at Central England Law Centre and will be happy to book you in for a Legal Health Check. Email

You can also download our FREE Know Your Rights materials in 10 different languages.

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