Privacy Notice

This website is managed by Coventry City Council on behalf of the MiFriendly Cities project. This Privacy Notice explains how Coventry City Council and its MiFriendly Cities Project Partners will use and share personal information they collect as part of the MiFriendly Cities Project.


Why we need to collect information about you

Your information is collected so that we can help you find the best possible services and opportunities available through the MiFriendly Cities Project across Coventry, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

We use this information to:

  • Decide who can to take part in the project to help you make the most of the project
  • Match your needs with project activities and offer further advice and guidance
  • Help you access other projects and services outside MiFriendly Cities
  • To evaluate our services and to be able to show our funders who we are working with in the project and how we are doing(ensuring we reach the right audience)
  • Prepare reports for the Main Urban Authority and the European Regional Development Fund’s Urban Innovation Action initiative.

We will ask for your permission to collect and store your personal information and use it as we explained above. We will ask you to sign a consent form reflecting this. You can withdraw your consent at any time using the information provided in the ‘Your rights’ section below.


What information we will collect

We collect the following information as relevant to your chosen activity:

  • Name and contact details including emergency contact
  • Ethnicity, family information and languages spoken
  • Current educational / work related qualifications, skills and abilities
  • Gender and date and place of birth
  • Disability and / or any additional support needs
  • Employment status

The information we collect can be different depending on the activities you get from the MiFriendly Cities Project.  Not all project partners will require the same information. If you feel unable to give us certain information please do speak to the project partner who is explaining this form to you. We really do not want you to miss out on what MiFriendly Cities has to offer.

Reasons for involvement, a residential address or postcode and your immigration /citizenship status will be requested in all cases for evaluation and analysis and hence we cannot limit this to your activity.


Who we share information with

We share data with our MiFriendly Cities Project Partners who are: Coventry City Council, Birmingham City Council, Wolverhampton City Council, Coventry University, Interserve, CU Social Enterprise CIC, Central England Law Centre, Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre, The Refugee and Migrant Centre Black Country and Birmingham, MigrationWork CIC, and Migrant Voice. This does not mean that we share all information you have given us with each other, but that we may share relevant information if we help you access other activities within the project as set out in the referral form.

Coventry City Council (as Accountable Body) will collect a fixed amount of information about you and all other project participants and share this with our funders, the European Regional Development Fund and the Urban Innovative Action initiative. This is a condition of our funding and helps them decide what other plans would be helpful for migrants in the Midlands. This information will be shared anonymously, meaning that your name will not be attached to the other information about you.


How long we keep your information

Your personal information will be held for only as long as it is needed for this project.  More information about how long we store information is available on request.


Your rights

You have the right to:

  • Ask for a copy of your information
  • Withdraw consent
  • Correct any wrong information about you
  • Ask for your information to be erased if it is not needed
  • Ask for use of your information to be restricted
  • Ask for your information to not be shared with all / some of our partners
  • Ask for your information to be electronically transferred
  • Complain to the data protection team of Coventry City Council

To exercise any of these rights please contact Coventry City Council Data Protection Officer: Adrian West



Your complaints will be handled in accordance with Coventry City Council policies and procedures. You may request a copy of the policy and procedure at any time. You have the right to submit a complaint if you are unhappy with the way your request is handled or you disagree with a decision made by the Coventry City Council regarding your data. In these circumstances you can contact Coventry City Council and request a review of the decision.

The contact details are: Coventry City Council Data Protection Officer: Adrian West

If you are not satisfied with any outcome from the DPO you may wish to apply to the


Information Commissioners Office

( at:

The Information Commissioners Office: Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF




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European Union & Urban Innovative Actions

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.