Creative Workshops: Making Coventry feel like home

4 March - 29 April 2019

Creative Workshops: Making Coventry feel like home

Are you new to Coventry? Or have you lived here all your life? FabLab Coventry have teamed up with Bridge to explore what it means to feel welcome in Coventry through a series of creative, participatory workshops. Collaborate, design & make around collective idea of home. Save and print the flyer for this event


Workshop 1: Making Coventry feel like home

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We begin by creating a shared vision for the future of Coventry’s diverse immigrant and settled host communities — A focus on commonalities, what makes us all feel welcome, and building on collective understanding of how our needs overlap.

OPTIONAL: Digital Fabrication Week at FabLab

  • 10:00 AM – 14:00 PM

FabLab Coventry will be providing an optional four-day digital fabrication level 1 course, free to all participants in the Bridge. project. This course intro’s participants to 2D computer controlled designs, using new skills to create some of the Bridge. workshop tools used later in the project.

Workshop 2: A place we can all live

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Keeping our vision in mind, we look to the neighbourhood, the physical spaces we inhabit. How do we relate to the place in which we live? How can this place support us, helping us to achieve a welcome ‘home’.

Workshop 3: Making it happen


After thinking about ways a place can support people, we look to identify opportunities for our ‘making’ project. If we make this for this space, will we get closer to our collective vision?

Workshop 4: Let’s build our futures


Finally, together we build, assemble, finish and implement our design — Working with FabLab Coventry supports a digital fabrication emphasis and allows our outcome to be designed for an open-design platform.


Contact Tyler to get involved – or 0790016929.

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This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.